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    Fast Medical Weight Loss
    Our expert doctors have helped thousands lose weight and they will help you…
    • Reprogram your Metabolism
    • Reach your Goals Faster
    • Maintain your Results

Medically Lose Weight*

Depending on your goals and medical needs, our doctors will design the perfect plan that fits into your busy lifestyle. We will help you lose weight* rapidly and safely with our proven, time-tested combination of therapies that will produce results you can maintain.

Powerful Medications to Stimulate Your Weight Loss*

Our exclusive therapies are customized to your blood, metabolism and genetic profile - helping you to lose weight* rapidly and safely with the ultimate goal of reprogramming your body so you can maintain the results.

FDA Approved Diet Pills. To reach your goal weight, our physicians may prescribe safe and powerful medication therapies, many of which have been in use for decades and can help you to:

  • Decrease your Appetite
  • Increase your Metabolism
  • Stop Cravings for Sugars, Salts & Carbohydrates
  • Balance Mineral and Vitamin Deficiencies
  • Diet without Feeling Starved or Irritated

Potent Energy Boosting Injectables. To accelerate your weight loss* and to help your body adjust, our physicians may prescribe a combination of our exclusive injections:

  • Vitamin B12 Shots for Increasing Energy*
  • Lipotropic Shots for Burning Fat*
  • Adenosine Energizer Shots for Weight Loss Plateaus*

Real Medical Doctors, Real Support. Unlike other weight loss* and diet clinics, we do not sell you meals or shakes. Our programs are designed by experts in medicine and public health, nutrition, motivation, and education. Physician support helps you make lasting changes for sustained weight loss*.

Maintain the Results

The secret to long lasting weight loss is balancing your hormones. Weight Gain is a result of imbalances in hormones and nutrients. We age and gain weight because our hormones decline - and in most people, hormonal imbalances often occur from age 30 onwards.

Our Doctors may prescribe a variety of hormones in order to restore and rebalance your hormone levels to a more favorable level:

  • Improve Vigor
  • Increase Energy and Lean Muscle Mass
  • Maintain the Weight Loss

To learn more about our customized hormone therapies visit our Hormone Therapy section or ask your Persona Doctors physician.

How our Process Works

In our state-of-the-art clinics, each of your visits are personally administered by licensed doctors, not counselors. Our doctors prescribe your weight loss plan based on your goals, current condition, and medical history, and provide individual counseling that motivates you and transitions you to a healthier lifestyle.

Phase 1
Pinpointing the Problem
First, we find out what is going on in your body with advanced blood, metabolic and genetic testing. We screen you for any hormone imbalances, drug interactions, cardiovascular problems and nutritional deficiencies.

We will diagnose the root causes of your problem and customize a solution that fits your goals, lifestyle and budget.
Phase 2
Reprogramming your Body
Next, our expert physicians will prescribe the most proven combination of FDA approved diet medications, injectables and hormone optimization therapies to control appetite, eliminate cravings and burn fat.

Every treatment is specifically created by our pharmacists to produce lasting changes to your body’s chemistry so you can maintain the results.
Phase 3
Maintaining your Success
As you reach your goals, our physicians will continually reevaluate you to make sure you remain at your ideal weight, feel more energetic and look better. Our programs are designed for the long-term and will help you maintain and keep your results and a healthy lifestyle.

We have the tools to make your weight loss* journey a success.

Affordable Pricing

At Persona Doctors, we offer flexible options that that are designed to meet your unique goals, medical requirements and budget. To jumpstart your weight loss treatment, we offer two affordable options that includes everything from the initial laboratory testing through your treatment and maintenance.

  • Flat Monthly Rates
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Money Back Weight Loss Guarantee

The Introductory Starter Packages

Both of our starter Medical Weight Loss packages give you access to our exclusive medication therapies, and both are customized to your unique blood, metabolism and genetic markers, helping you lose weight* rapidly and safely.

The Complete Results Package also includes testing for, and natural treatment of any hormonal imbalances that you may have – allowing our doctors to literally reprogram your body so that you can maintain the results.

Basic Weight Loss
For Gradual & Sustained Weight Loss
Start for only
Save $52.50
Standard Price $227.50
Basic Medical
$199.00 Value!
Blood Chemistry Labs
Metabolic O2 Test
Body Analysis
Physical Exam
EKG/ECC Cardio Scan
Drug Interactions
Nutritional Analysis
Includes first 2 weeks:
  • Doctor Visit
  • B12 Energy Injections
  • Appetite/Diet Medications
  • Craving Control Medications
  • Sugar Control Medications
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • Metabolic based Meal Plans
Complete Results
For Quick & Long Lasting Success
Start for only
Save $82.50
Standard Price $357.50
Enhanced Medical
$299.00 Value!
Blood Chemistry Labs
Hormone Analysis
Metabolic O2 Test
Body Analysis
Physical Exam
EKG/ECC Cardio Scan
Drug Interactions
Medical Analysis
Nutritional Analysis
Anti-Aging Evaluation
Hormone Screening
Includes first 2 weeks:
  • Doctor Visits
  • Fat Burner B12 Injections
  • Plateau Buster Shots
  • Appetite/Diet Medications
  • Hormone Therapies
  • Craving Control Medications
  • Sugar Control Medications
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • Metabolic based Meal Plans
  • Medical/Behavior Counseling

Money Back Weight Loss Guarantee

Get Started Today. With our 100% Money Back Weight Loss Guarantee, you have nothing to lose except the weight. If you have not lost weight in the first 30 days we will refund 100% of the fees paid.

No Penalty Plan Changes

You may change plans after your first full month of service and before your next billing date without penalty.

Easy Plan Cancellations

Our easy plan cancellation takes your health and medical requirements into account. As you begin to reach your goal weight, cancel your plan at any time with a simple 60 day notice. The notice period allows your doctor to begin the gradual process of taking you off medications (the “weaning off” period) so that you succeed and do not gain the weight back.

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